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New Game Reporting Protocol

Click the game report link below to report Recreation game details:


(Make sure in the game report to let us know of any issues or concerns with coaches, spectators, fields, players, if there were changes to the crew etc.)

A few issues were raised this week:

  1. Remember, on free kicks and goal kicks in the penalty area, the ball No Longer Needs to Leave the Penalty Area! It simply needs to be kicked and clearly move. All opponents must be outside of the penalty, and at a minimum of the proper stand-off distance for the age group.
  2. In Recreation Soccer – U13-U14 are allowed to head the ball. CYSA changed their policy. It is now U12 and below that cannot head the ball.
  3. Tuck your shirts in!! Look professional. I received an equal number of compliments, and complaints about referee dress.

Know the Modified Laws of the Game

Please know your modifications for the games you are officiating. Rec soccer does not allow heading in U12 games. Build Out Line is important to understand. Please arrive to your game knowing how to manage the build out line.

FLEQ/FLSL/FSC Referee Assignors