NorCal Premier FAQs

Q:  Can a player wear a cast in NorCal Premier Competitions?

A:  No. Only a soft cast is allowed, and can have no hard plastic, metal or like material.


Q:  Can a player wear a knee brace?


A:  Only if the brace has a proper neoprene sleeve and the Referee deems it safe.  It can have no exposed metal.


Q:  What happens if a team forgets their passes?


A:  The game is played under protest. The team forgetting their passes must have their pictures taken, so passes can be verified if necessary. All players names must be on the game card, electronically.  “Protest” should be written on the game card and the Referee should write it up in the game report.


Q:  Do both teams need to be on the same side of the field?


A:  Folsom Soccer Club procedures require that both teams sit on the same side of the field and that parents and spectators sit on the opposite side. Per USSF, no one is to sit behind the goals.