Self Assigning Games in

Log into your account. It is a good idea to save your preferences, to save time logging in.

Logging In

  • Click USSF, then click “Continue”

If you saved your preferences, click “Used saved values for login”, If you didn’t, in the Select State drop down, choose “CA-N”

  • In the Select District, choose “6” and click “Continue”
  • Select Club, Choose “FSC Folsom Soccer Club”
  • (here is where you choose to save your preferences)

Now click “Login”

  • Select  your name from the drop down
  • Enter your password
  • (make sure to click save preference for future logins)
  • Click “Login”

If you already saved your preferences, simply check the box that says “Use Saved Preferences for Login” and then click “Login.”

Now that you are in,  you will see a calendar. Above the Calendar is a link: “Browse Upcoming Games”

browse game gif

Click the link, and a Matrix of games will pop up, and you can sort by Field, Date, Home Team, Division.

game schedule matrix

In the left column of that matrix, you will see a button like this image: Refit,  Click that in

A single game matrix will pop up that shows the date, kick-off time, location and division. Additional information includes the rating needed to Referee or Assistant Referee the game, and the Team Names. See the image below.

Game Selection Image

If your rating allows you to officiate the game, you can check a “radio” button to assign yourself the Center Referee Position, Assistant Referee 1 or Assistant Referee 2.  Once you make your choice, click the button “Submit SChedule Update”.  You are now scheduled to work that game.

Note:  At 12:01 am Thursday morning, you can no longer drop a game. Know your schedule and don’t sign up if you aren’t positive  you can make it to your game. This is a job!

You can sign up for three (3) games per day and no more than two (2) Center Referee Positions per day. Try to not be the Center referee on two games back to back.

Remember, this is a job.  Dress professionally, show up 30 minutes early to perform your duties, and take the role seriously.