CCSL Send Off Process

Notify Bruce Magnani,  the Referee Coordinator, immediately following the game regarding any send off, and then follow the procedure below. ( or 916.798.1111)

In all CCSL League play, if there is a sendoff, the referee will NOT hold onto the player/coach pass.  They will make sure the proper information is on the game card and they WILL keep a copy of the game card.  Additionally, I recommend taking a picture of the player pass with your cell phone, so you have the necessary information.

The referee will then go to this link: Send Off Report

Click the “Referee and Assignor Log In” and a window will open. The referee does NOT need a user or login name/password.  On the page that comes up, there is a place for the referee to enter the event ID # and PIN #, then click “GO”.  Both the event ID # and the PIN # will be on the Game Report form that the referee keeps from the game.

On the second come up page, they will enter the game number (also on the game report) then click “GO” again.

Check the box next to the red “R” for the appropriate team.

Select the player from the team roster, and select the violation from the drop down menu.

If the player is not listed, select other, then enter the name, number and CalNorth ID in the “other” box. (You have this info, because you took a picture of the pass, per the instructions above.)

Do not enter send-off details in the notes, you will enter them later in the “Game Report” section.

Click on “Submit Game Report” button.

Enter Referee crew information, including email addresses.

Complete the “Game Details” section clearly describing the send off in the “Game Incidents” section.

Click “Submit Report”