What does my rating mean?

Folsom Soccer Club Game and Referee Ratings

 It is in the best interest of the sport, the referee, the players, and the soccer club that qualifications for games, and qualifications for referees be examined on a regular basis. Folsom soccer club strives to provide the highest quality officials at every level of competition. In this process, the club provides each referee with a match level rating for Center Referee (CR) duties and a separate match level rating for Assistant Referee (AR) duties.

The guidelines shown in the chart below are used for most games throughout the soccer season. For example: A recreation U12 Boys game is rated to require a CR at a level 2 rating. If a CR is rated 2 or higher (our system goes to 5 as the highest rating) they may select this game to officiate as the CR. The U12 Boys example requires an AR match rating of 1 or higher, meaning any licensed referee in good standing would be eligible to perform AR duties for this match.

Question and Answer:

How do I find my rating? 

Sign into RefScheduler.net, and click either “Edit Referee Info” or “Update your referee information”. Both take you to the same page, and your rating for Referee (same as CR) and AR can be seen at the bottom of the page.

 Once I know my rating, what is next?  

Now that you know your Referee (CR) and AR rating, you can reference the chart below to see the match levels you are eligible to officiate. When viewing the available games for the week in RefScheduler.net, your rating will limit what matches you can select and BE ACCEPTED to officiate.

No, you are able to select games that are rated at 1, 2, or 3.

 What if I select a game that the chart shows I am eligible to officiate, but RefScheduler will not accept my submission?

During the season, on limited occasions, specific matches may require a higher level of CR or AR, due to circumstances out of the norm. These instances are rare, but can occur, therefore skip this game and select another one.

What do the CR and AR match ratings signify about a game?

Level 1 signifies the match to be the least competitive, and are relatively easy to officiate, making them suitable for licensed officials of any level of experience.

Level 5 signifies the match to be the most competitive, and are difficult and may be challenging for our most experienced officials, requiring a well seasoned/knowledgeable/and fit game official. First year referees start with a 0 CR and 1 AR.  During the year levels are evaluated and could be adjusted if appropriate.

Please contact the FSC Referee Coordinator if you would like a challenge or an assessment of your skills.

U10B Rec 1 1
U12B Rec 2 1
U14B Rec 3 2
U16B Rec 4 4
U19B Rec 5 5
U10G Rec 1 1
U12G Rec 2 1
U14G Rec 3 1
U16G Rec 4 3
U19G Rec 4 4
U10B Comp 3 2
U12B Comp 3 3
U14B Comp 4 3
U16B Comp 5 4
U19B Comp 5 5
U10G Comp 3 2
U12G Comp 3 3
U14G Comp 4 3
U16G Comp 5 4
U19G Comp 5 5